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Smoky Hot Chili Pepper Sauce.

This outstanding and remarkable mayogarlic is made with fresh and tender garlic, that’s why you can feel the piquant, the powerful and strong flavor of the garlic.
This smooth and tasty product is a French recipe called Aioli and can be used in sandwiches, hamburgers, salads, seafood, and fried food also used as a dipping sauce for shrimps, or dolloped onto grilled fish, or roasted chicken delivers an intense flavor to you. 


    This product has a safety button, pops up when original seal is broken, do not buy and accept if the button is up or cap is dented.

    It must be kept refrigerated because it has no preservatives.

    Preferably use it within one month after opening it.


    We have a Return or Refund policy in case they are dissatisfied with their purchase, it can be through a money refund or physical exchange as a way to build trust with our customers.


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