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Salsa Macha

Smoky Hot Chili Pepper Sauce


Our Salsa Macha doesn’t have any vinegar in it, and therefore doesn’t give off the vinegary taste that a lot of people hate adding to their food.


Here are some of the special qualities of the Salsa Macha, which make it a unique sauce:


  • Smokey Flavor

The best part about the Salsa Macha that many people have pointed out, is that it has a unique smoky flavor that allows it to work so well with different foods. All you need is a small dip of Salsa Macha to transform your dish. We have refined the sauce thoroughly, and worked on it meticulously, so it gives that smoky flavor.


  • No Tran Fats

If you are health conscious and want a sauce that goes along well with your diet, then the Salsa Macha is the perfect condiment. It contains no trans fats and doesn’t have a single grain of sodium in it, which is why it is loved by everyone. We wanted to create a sauce that people of all diets can enjoy, and the Salsa Macha doesn’t contain any preservatives, flavorings, or colorants.

So, if you are looking for a sauce that is great for your health, delicious, adds intense flavor to food, and is addictive, then Salsa Macha is what you want.


  • Exquisite Taste for Sophisticated Taste Buds

When you have acquired a taste for the finer things in life, it is very difficult to settle for mediocre. The Salsa Macha is meticulously crafted to perfection, grounded and refined thoroughly. We only wanted to settle for the best, and managed to recreate this classic Mexican sauce that is perfect for sophisticated taste buds. The great thing about the sauce is that you don’t need to cover your food with it entirely. Just add a small amount of the sauce, and give your taste buds a treat they will never forget!


This smoky artisanally crafted sauce pairs perfectly with scrambled eggs, burger, or a sandwich, seafood, soups, Mexican food, pizza, pasta or any kind of food you want to enhance without covering the principal flavor, even can be used as a topping for chips or snacks.


This is one sauce that you will not want to keep in your pantry for ages because it is so good that you will be craving it with anything. It goes well with anything and elevates the taste, and flavoring of the food.

Salsa Macha

SKU: 860001348804
  • This product has a safety button, pops up when original seal is broken, do not buy and accept if the button is up or cap is dented.

    It must be kept refrigerated because it has no preservatives.

    Preferably use it within two months after opening it.

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